Goddess Testimonial’s

‘I attended one of Heidi’s Soulmate Goddess workshops.  I didn’t know what to expect but had the intention of attracting a new relationship in my life.  Overall the Goddess workshop was such a great experience.  There was very good energy in her home and I definitely felt like the experience raised my vibration! 
Ironically since the workshop I was contacted by my ex, who I was having issues with contacting me even though I have asked him to leave me alone due to the intense trauma and negative feelings I have associated with him.
I have ignored his messages and chose not to respond to him for years but this last time I felt like I needed to take action. Based upon what I learned in the workshop, I know he isn’t my true twin flame and I don’t want to reconnect.
So, I meditated and asked to break the cord between us and visualized him not being able to break my aura even though he tried.  He kept circling around me but if he got too close he got an electric shock.  I also asked my IT guy at work to block his email at the server level so his messages cannot ever get to me. These were all things I believe I would not have pursued if I had not attended Heidi’s workshop.  I feel more closure with my ex and more ready to really focus on my true twin flame!  I want to thank Heidi for helping me get one step closer:)
I definitely plan to attend a Goddess workshop again!’
S – Madison, WI


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“Ladies, Heidi has countless ways to guide you to reach within and discover your true essence as a goddess, to encourage you to step through the shunned life you may not even realize you are trudging through.  As she helps you unshield all that shines within you, you will be launched forward, eager to share your real self with the world.  The world is waiting, just for you…why not arrive as a goddess?!  Mary Anne, Author, and Goddess-in-Training”


We did a 1/2 hour session on the 4th, we focused on business and love life. I am writing you because after the session, I decided to meet someone who I had been kind of talking to online. This was someone who I didn’t really know that I would meet in person, as I didn’t really feel a connection with. On the 6th, he asked me to meet him and I agreed. We met that evening. I wanted to tell you that I fell so head over heels in love with this man, and I absolutely without a doubt know he feels the same way about me. He actually said to me “I have been searching for you for a long time”. I don’t know if you remember me telling you, I feel that I have spent many lifetimes searching for this person. He has since taken a position out-of-state, and has asked me to come with him. I have agreed. I want to thank you for the work you did, and tell you that you are incredibly gifted. I hope you know how many lives you touch with your gifts.

 Also, I am considering your class on March 16th with a friend, I feel like even if I found him, it would benefit. I have told several of my friends. 🙂 I do plan on doing further work with you.

 I want to thank you for the work you did, and tell you that you are incredibly gifted. I hope you know how many lives you touch with your gifts.

Thank You,


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“I have found Heidi’s website right at the end of 2012 and booked a session with her on the last day of that year. It was the time that best suit my schedule and fit perfectly in the closing of the age of duality. Heidi’s calm and soothing voice quickly made me feel like I was speaking to an old friend. Our session helped me believe in the union with my twin flame, she helped me believe in my power and in my dream of being reunited with my true love. Following our session, only 10 days to date, there have been so many beliefs that have risen to the surface that I didn’t realize I was still holding on to. As I notice them, I think of the meditation Heidi guided me in and return there. In that place, I burn what no longer serves me. It feels light and free. I can feel the meeting with my twin flame is soon, I can feel it coming in the Spring. It is as if now, I am cleaning house, preparing for our meeting because I know I want to start fresh. I know I want to be in a place of total self acceptance and self-love before we unite. I can’t control these things, but all I know is that I feel good. I feel at peace, I can feel like it’s almost there and know I have Heidi’s voice telling me that it’s not only possible, but it’s destined. She helped me remember that we had planned this long ago and so it shall be.” International Client…L

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“When I first arrived at Heidi’s home, I noticed how welcoming and soothing the environment was. The workshop was very powerful and enriching. I left feeling enlightened, and capable of achieving my goals with a clearer path.”

One thought on “Goddess Testimonial’s

  1. I love Heidi for her positive energy, her enlightened, brilliant (beautifully shiny) mind, and her compassionate soul, all of which she shares freely with the world in countless ways. I have been to 2 Goddess workshops. Today’s workshop was about releasing the old year, embracing and manifesting in 2015. Heidi’s home (where the workshops are held) is as warm and inviting as Heidi herself. It makes you want to curl up in a corner and read a good book (with Beefy snoring at your feet). But the best part, the greatest part, is when I take a deep breath and let her energy envelop me with love and compassion. Then I get in my car and go home, where you would think the bubble might burst. But I find for many days to come, I will be sharing that energy with the world, instead of letting the world’s energy affect me. Thank you, Heidi. See you soon!

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