Goddess Circle

‘When a woman conceives her true self, a miracle occurs and life around her begins again….Today we have the chance to give birth to a healed and transformed world. This cannot be done without a major uprising of the glorious woman!’ Marianne Williamson


The Goddess Circles are an informal place for women to gather, celebrate being a woman connect as sisters, bond, share, and learn from each other. This is a place of peace, healing, feminine power and freedom.

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The Goddess Circle will start off with a guided meditation. Each Circle will have a specific topic. I will begin the discussion, then the conversation, the evening can just flow organically. We all come from different backgrounds, we all know different material, and I would like us to be able to learn from each other. Please feel free to bring items, books, etc to share that go along with the topic of the Circle. Make great connections, meet new, like-minded friends, and to just come and enjoy each other as women.

This is a safe environment for women to discuss and share things without judgment. Every thing said here will be kept confidential.

Please respect the other women by listening, giving those a chance to talk that want to and to respect each other’s opinions.


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I am definitely open to topics. So if you have an idea, let me know!

**Space is limited so sign up early.

***All scheduled Goddess Circles are in my home in Verona, WI.  Once you have registered, I will give you my address.

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* Wednesday April 15th , 2015, $8.00+ (tips accepted at the circle) 6:30-9:00 pm

Fee $8.00+ This fee includes my supplies, house, time, plus the Meetup website Fees. You can pay the day of the Meetup or you can click on this for a paypal link)

We will watch and discuss Dr. Christiane Northrup’s movie…”Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom”…..”The female body was designed by our Creator to be a source of pleasure, creativity, fertility, movement, strength, well-being, and fun. And the processes of the female body are imbued with wisdom that connects you with your Inner Guidance.” Dr. Northrup is an acclaimed author and pioneer in the field of women’s health. In the movie she helps you transform the relationship you have with your body. With her guidance, you’ll find out how to access and use the most powerful inner too that you possess for beauty and overall well-being: your innate Women’s Wisdom.

I will do sound healing on the entire group with my crystal singing bowl and crystal pyramid. These sounds will help clear energy blocks and raise your vibration to help you manifest the life you desire!


**Space is limited so sign up early

Please email me at illuminateyourinnergoddess@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

Contact me for more info,

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Ms. Heidi Kelley

3 thoughts on “Goddess Circle

    • I am not exactly sure what you want to know Sandie. You can always email me with what you would like to know. The Goddess Circles are typically based on a topic that I chose and we have a discussion around it. If you want to participate you can, but it’s not required, you can just sit back and listen. We typically do a meditation too. The group is pretty laid back, where we can learn from each other. Let me know if you would like to know more. Thanks, Heidi

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