Goddess Awakening Packages

Are you ready to discover the power you have always had?

The Power that is living inside of each and every one of us?

The Power of Love…

Book Session Take the first step to discovering Your Power by booking your FREE phone Love Goddess/Twin Flame Awakening Session with Ms. Kelley.

After this initial awakening session, Ms Kelley’s services are done either over the Phone, Skype, or in Person near Madison, Wisconsin USA (Central Standard Time). CLICK HERE for the current time in Wisconsin.

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*During your session, I will be able to answer all your questions about the Goddess Awakening Packages, and see which one would best fit you.

For Goddess Awakening package fees, please schedule your FREE Love Goddess Awakening Session with Ms. Kelley.

Goddess Awakening Packages

Enchanted Goddess (Ruby Package)

Are you ready to become an Enchanted Goddess with a pure Ruby Red Heart, so you can attract your beloved and find your true essence?

This is my most popular package. Enchanted Goddess includes:

  • Three 45-minute sessions per month, done over a three-month period.
  • Email support, 2 times a week
  • Bonus: 90 min Skype session ‘Attract Your Twin Flame’, (this includes a distance energy healing on you and your home, this is a face to face interaction incorporating some of the goodies I send)
  • Bonus: Goddess Goodies (a personal package sent to you)


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Radiant Beauty (Rose Quartz Package)

Are you ready to fulfill your destiny and become a Radiant Beauty? Radiating love to attract Prince Charming?

Radiant Beauty includes:

  • Two 45-minute sessions per month done over a three-month period
  • Email support,  1 time a week
  • BONUS: Ignite your Love Goddess (a $197 value) blooming lady peach

Book Session

Contact me for more info,
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Ms. Heidi Kelley

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