Goddess Parties!

This is similar to the Goddess Workshops, except you get a group of your Girlfriends, Soul Sisters, Goddess’s Sisters together for a fun, unusual, unconventional, uplifting, Divine Feminine Goddess Party. It will be a totally different way for your beautiful Goddess Sisters to connect with each other.

Pink is Not Just a Color

Help each other learn and grow, raise each other’s vibration as you come to laugh and play. Sister energy is even more powerful than typical group energy…so come and find that inner child craving to come out!  You will be able to continue this in the days, weeks, months after….to continue to encourage each other’s growth in becoming your true Divine Goddess!

3 Goddess Women!

Goddess Party Themes:


Self Love-Self Care



Letting Go/Releasing/Forgiveness

Stop Playing Small: Let Your Inner Child Shine

Or if you have an idea…let me know!

Bring out Your Beautiful Inner Goddess! Let Your Light Shine, Let your Love Light Shine!

party girls!

Contact me for more details: I will host the party in my home (or we could make arrangements for it to  be in yours) for 4-8 women (or more if it is in your home….).

$40.00 per Goddess…if paid in advance. You can either email me a check or I can get you to a paypal link specifically for your Goddess Party.

If you pay me at the party, $50.00 per Goddess

Parties are at least 4 hrs.

I suggest having all the Goddess’s bring food/wine to share….This can be discussed with the Goddess that is co-hosting the party…but plan on having it after the main part of the workshop!

Contact me for more info,
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Ms. Heidi Kelley

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